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Welcome to the Rolling Bad Podcast!

We're two guys in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the desolate wasteland talking to you every two weeks about Age of Sigmar in the Southwest United States.

We are;

Bill Castello

Elric Edge


Thanks for coming by!

Apr 30, 2023

Death Doubleheader - Soulblight Gravelords and Ossiarch Bonelreapers Path to Glory
Episode 146
A short doubleheader show!  We cover both the OBR and ABG Paths to Glory in this one.  It's short, because the PTGs are short and sweet, giving you just enough tools to have some fun.  The books themselves are quite...

Apr 16, 2023

Episode 145
We dive into ...errr,  investigate the Hedonites of Slaanesh and their Path to Glory.  This is a really solid book, and the PtG is really simple, thematic and fun.  We also cover the new April Battlescroll and the changes it brings
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