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Welcome to the Rolling Bad Podcast!

We're two guys in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the desolate wasteland talking to you every two weeks about Age of Sigmar in the Southwest United States.

We are;

Bill Castello

Elric Edge


Thanks for coming by!

Jan 2, 2022

Battle-scroll Overview and the 2021 Year in Review
Episode 121
We take a quick look at the Battle-scroll released for AoS 3.0 and then we move on to the Year in Review, and actually, it was a damn good year.  We recorded on boxing day, so we talk about our gifts and moar!
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Dec 19, 2021

Nurgle Battletome Preview
Episode 120
We take a dive into the Nurgle Battletome a week before we actually have it. We're going off the information from Ash (Guerrilla Miniature Games) aka Man who reads book. We are liking this book, but we need a few games to really tell.
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Nov 14, 2021

GW Boxed Game Reviews and Thoughts
Episode 119
We examine the GW Boxed games and how they tie in to the main core games, or how they don't.  Why you should play them and why you might wanna share them with the non-mini gamers you want to bring into the hobby.
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Oct 31, 2021

We go all in to the Halloween theme and give an overview of all the Death factions in 3.0.  Where they are, where we think they need help and where they may go in the future.  We also get a nice review of Alan Wake from Josh, some creation and new stuff!
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Oct 10, 2021

We cover the Path to Glory system in the two new Battletomes, and a bit of what it might mean going forward.
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