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Welcome to the Rolling Bad Podcast!

We're two guys in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the desolate wasteland talking to you every two weeks about Age of Sigmar in the Southwest United States.

We are;

Bill Castello

Elric Edge


Thanks for coming by!

Jun 30, 2021

AoS 3.0 Pre-Show (or the show we shouldn't do)
Episode 110
This is it, we cover the rules changes in 3.0, before ever playing a game of it.  That's why we maybe shouldn’t have🙂. But we wanted to give our thoughts based on the released Core Rules and some looks at the store copy of the game.  Also, the raffle...

Jun 20, 2021

Episode 109
A massive show, we cover our hobby, some new releases and the Queue-it for GW Webstore.  Then it's on to Kragnos, lore and rules thoughts and musings!!!  The raffle for the Cursed City Box is still going on.

Jun 6, 2021

Episode 108
Another heavyweight!  This time we tear into Soulblight, some example lists, lore and rules coverage, it's all here.  But first we look at AoS 3.0 and the dominion preview.  Yoiks!  Oh yea, and we start the raffle for the Cursed City Box.