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Welcome to the Rolling Bad Podcast!

We're two guys in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the desolate wasteland talking to you every two weeks about Age of Sigmar in the Southwest United States.

We are;

Bill Castello

Elric Edge


Thanks for coming by!

Feb 23, 2020

Episode 84 - We talk a bit about the lore of Wrath of Everchosen and we pick our favorite formations (Which I mistakenly refer to as Battalions in the show…). Then we talk about the breakdown I made of the Getting Started boxes.
Link to Getting Started Box breakdown - 

Feb 9, 2020

LVO 2020 - Playing, NEO-ing and The Preview Show
Episode 83 - All about our adventures at LVO.  One of us played, two of us NEO’d and all of us had a BLAST.  A lot of bloopers...
We are the NEON - 
FooteWorks -
Da Great South Waaaagh - 

Feb 2, 2020

The Rolling Bad Community Champion!, WH Open Day
Episode 82 -  Where we award our first ever Community Champion Award to Mr. Scott Reed!!!  Where is the lore in the Wrath of the Everchosen going? 
We are the NEON - 
Sword & Steele -