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Welcome to the Rolling Bad Podcast!

We're two guys in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the desolate wasteland talking to you every two weeks about Age of Sigmar in the Southwest United States.

We are;

Bill Castello

Elric Edge


Thanks for coming by!

Sep 18, 2022

Episode 133
AKA 'The Bill Show'.  We cover the NOVA Opn Preview and hit some other new releases.  Josh regales us with hobby and some games he played.  Then it's all Bill, covering the NOVA Open Grand Narrative event for AoS.  Wow, what a great effort by Matt and Justin!  Afterwards, we announce a narrative focused...

Aug 7, 2022

Episode 132
So, in this one we take a long look at the main GW game systems, where we think they have flaws and how you might work around them.  Let's be honest, AoS is a bit weird in the purple sun meta and 40k is getting a little thicc around the middle with bloated rules and every new thing is better than the last...

Jul 17, 2022

Episode 131
New Dawn is packed with the Preview show for boxed games, and new releases.  Then it's on to the new GHB major changes.  That sets the scene for the overview of the Path to Glory sections of the Sylvaneth and Skaven Battletomes.  There is alot of things here to work with, enjoy!
Also, Josh recorded a...

Jun 26, 2022

Episode 130
Wow, packed show!  The Daughters of Khaine Path to Glory is explored a bit, but it's lite, so is the coverage.  We dive into the White Dwarf 477 issue and the Flesh Eater Courts rules.  Tasty!  Also, the World Eaters in 40k got some love, so we share it.  We also touch on the new Horus Heresy game, and are...

Jun 5, 2022

Nighthaunt Path to Glory and Echoes of Doom Lore
Episode 129
The Nighthaunt are back in a big way, and the book gives some great Path to Glory rules to spice up your game.  We're gonna cover it and see how much fun is in there.  We also cover the Echoes of Doom lore as it foreshadows what Skaven and Sylvaneth might...